Frequently Asked Questions

What are miracle berries and what do they taste like?

Also known as ledidi berries, these delicious red berries are sustainable, organic, non-gmo and kosher.

Imagine fruit-infused popcorn texture that tastes like sweet-tarts then morph into fruit roll-ups by the end. Or cranberry at first with a strawberry aftertaste.

Why miracle berries?

As you chew them for 30 seconds, the pulp coats your tongue and for the next 20-40 minutes, you can unlock hidden sweetness directly from anything tart, sour, fermented or pickled and get all the benefits without any unpleasant taste or needing traditional sweeteners.

How are they prepared?

We freeze dry them so they’re preserved chemical-free at peak potency. They arrive needing only ambient temperature with a 900 day shelf life.

Where are they prepared?

Our FDA registered, cGMP certified and allergen free facility is sustainably located on our Florida farm outside of Miami. By ordering, you are supporting American manufacturing.

Who are they for?

Better-for-you snackers, sweet lovers including people struggling with sweet cravings, keto dieters or anyone wanting to cut back on sugar or sweeteners, those living with diabetes, clean label buyers who want to cleanse and detox, picky eaters and their feeders, plant based foodies, connoisseurs, early adopters and influencers.

When can I get them and when do I pay?

Right here on our website or get them as early as the next business day. Seriously! Through we ship from over 100 fulfillment centers nationwide and you’ll enjoy friendly net 60 terms.

A few answers to some common question. Have more?

Contact us anytime at or text 310 426 8758



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