The Trial Pack | up to 6 Servings | 15-20 mins Each | Lowest Price to Prove IT Works CONSISTENTLY

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We are the only Ledidi Berry that’s Non GMO Project Verified and Picked, Washed, Deseeded, Freeze dried all on the Farm for Peak Potency

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We’re excited to bring you a 3 pack of the first ever individually packaged ledidi berry!

This is the product we wished was available when we first learned ledidi berries were a thing.

If you’d rather prove it to yourself before believing (and spending more), we made this for you.

It is not intended to be what you reorder if you like it. That’s why we made the jars.

We have to admit, it does look like a stocking stuffer though. That was accidental.

Each pack contains two servings, totaling one deseeded berry. Don’t forget to recycle šŸ™‚

People tell us they just need one serving to get the experience but first timers may want both!

Each portion gives you a flavor changing effect that lastsĀ for 15-20 minutes.

If you want it to last longer you can take both servingsĀ for a 30-40 minute effect!

These are average times so your results may vary depending on your sensitivity to taste