Barely Bears – 10 Bears – 100% Miracle Fruit Melt!

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At Nature’s Wild Berry we wanted to bring the best quality miracle berries to the world! Before anyone else could catch up with us, we decided to raise the bar again! Now introducing Miracle Berry Bear Fast Melts!!! They’re EXTRA POTENT and EXTRA EASY to use!!! Instead of 30 seconds, these bears just take 3 to 5 seconds to melt in your mouth and move around your tongue!

We bring them to you in the shape of bears that are not perfectly shaped, so they’re barely bears… Hence… BARELY BEARS!!! šŸ™‚

They work just as good as if they were perfect bears though!

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Introducing the worlds first Miracle Berry Fast Melt Bear!!!

1 review for Barely Bears – 10 Bears – 100% Miracle Fruit Melt!

  1. Andrew Long

    This changes the game! Got my hands on a pre release pack and was shocked at how delicious and well these worked. Iā€™m stuffing stockings this Christmas!!!

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