The Travel Jar | 4.6 Grams / Approximately 25 – 30 Servings | 15-20 mins | Best Way to TAKE Your Berries ON The GO

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Miracle Berries on the go!

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This is the product we wished was available whenever we ate away from home.

If you’d rather keep your berries within arms reach at all times, we made this for you.

It is not intended to be what you reorder if cost is a factor. That’s why we made the large jars.

We have to admit, it also looks like a stocking stuffer. Again, that was accidental.

Each pack contains thirty servings. Don’t forget to reseal, reuse and recycle šŸ™‚

People tell us they just need one serving but first timers may want to start with two!

Each serving gives you a flavor changing effect that lastsĀ for 15-20 minutes.

If you want it to last longer you can take two servingsĀ for 30-40 minutes!

These are average times so your results may vary depending on your sensitivity to taste