The Travel Jar | 4.6 Grams / Approximately 25 – 30 Servings | 15-20 mins | Best Way to TAKE Your Berries ON The GO

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Miracle Berries on the go!

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This is the product we wished was available whenever we ate away from home.

If you’d rather keep your berries within arms reach at all times, we made this for you.

It is not intended to be what you reorder if cost is a factor. That’s why we made the large jars.

We have to admit, it also looks like a stocking stuffer. Again, that was accidental.

Each pack contains thirty servings. Don’t forget to reseal, reuse and recycle 🙂

People tell us they just need one serving but first timers may want to start with two!

Each serving gives you a flavor changing effect that lasts for 15-20 minutes.

If you want it to last longer you can take two servings for 30-40 minutes!

These are average times so your results may vary depending on your sensitivity to taste

74 reviews for The Travel Jar | 4.6 Grams / Approximately 25 – 30 Servings | 15-20 mins | Best Way to TAKE Your Berries ON The GO

  1. Carol Benton

    Awesome Product

    This product is the best, and the only reason I a giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it’s such a small amount of berries for the price, and I buy them often. Second, the effect doesnt last that long, However, with all that said they really help me to eat sour berries strawberries, and salad. I love fruit, but some time certain fruits can be a bit bitter and these berries DO THE JOB. Perhaps, I should just invest in a plant. I hope this helps anyone try to decide to purchase these berries.

  2. warrior4brain

    The New Flavors with All The Different Foods

    This order is my first exposure to these berries. Below I list the foods I tried and for they tasted after eating the berry.Price – I got this one because it was priced lightly better per serving with other competitive products. That being said this is still expensive if you want to make these berries part of your lifestyle like the founders describe in the past because it comes out to more than $1 per serving per 15 minutes.Misleading serving size – Please note that they cut the berries in half and call that a serving. I think the details of the listing should have said that, but it doesn’t. I consider it a little misleading because I don’t think the average buyer would think half a berry is a serving.Does it last 15 minutes per serving? It’s hard to tell. On one experience I think it lasted 10 minutes with a half berry and on another I think it lasted 30 minutes.How does for taste different? I didn’t notice any significant change to the bitter aspect of any foods. Like usual if you sweeten something bitter, it doesn’t taste as bitter, but the bitterness is still there. Also, this berry changes sour to sweet, so bitter food that’s not sour doesn’t change the flavor. Warning! The back of your tongue won’t likely be coated with a half berry, so it tastes wonderful in your mouth, but then you taste and feel the strong sourness as it goes down.What foods have you tried? (I tried then all before and after)Lemon – tastes like lemonade just biting into a piece of lemon. Juice it though if you don’t want the accidental bitter taste of the rind. Also, the amount of sweetness is nearly perfect for the amount of lemon. If you can make lemonade match the flavor you have with this berry, then it would be the perfect lemonade.Apple Cider Vinegar – it still burns going down, but I was surprised I could drink it straight without dilution without flinching.Pomelo and Orange – it just makes them a little sweeter. So this is great if you bought a bad batch of fruit that has no sweetness and you want to make it taste normal. I didn’t notice a significant change on normal sweet fruit.Beer – I forgot I planned on drinking a beer after my taste test with the berry so I wasn’t expecting the flavor change when I took my first taste. If you put lime or orange in your beer then you know what it tastes like. It is like adding a hint of citrus to sweeten your beer. I liked it, but I don’t know that everyone likes that taste. If you do like the taste, then you’ll also like that you don’t lose carbonation of your beer by squirting in citric acid with a fruit. You’ll also like that the fruitiness is evenly distributed throughout the drinking experience.Lettuce and spinach – no it didn’t turn into a wonderful treating sweet vegetable. It tasted like normal lettuce and spinach.Guacamole – it depends how much lemon you add, bit I don’t think any kind of sweetness in guacamole is good. My guac still tasted fine, but better before the berry since I never add sweetener to guac.Raw Onion – awful! You’ll spit it out right away after realizing that it made no change to the strong bitterness of raw onion. You now will have the raw onion flavor sitting in your mouth… Go eat a lemon.Chips – chips are generally salty, not sour… So no change for me. I wonder what zesty chips taste like; for example, salt and vinegar would taste like.I’ll be experimenting with more. It really is great fun.

  3. mari

    Bought these for my granddaughter’s 13th birthday. She saw them on tiktok

    These came in a very small container.My granddaughter tried one while we were with her and it did everything it said it was going to do!She sucked on a lemon after she ate the berry and the lemon was not tart, it was sugary sweet!!Recommended for a gift for FUN!!

  4. Cheryl Charming

    Love. Love. Love.

    I love these. I mostly use them for lemon or lime-ade.

  5. Jenn bradley

    Sour into sweet.

    These are so cool, turns anything sour into something sweet and delicious.

  6. Jackeline C

    It’s definitely worth your money! The packaging, everything is soo great! Definitely will recommend!

    I absolutely love this product worked instantly! Thank you!!

  7. Julian Markoz


    You sometimes need more then 1 for the flavors to change. Kinda expensive too.

  8. M L

    Fun af

    These are so fun. Very overpriced for a tiny berry (berries), $1/piece but that’s just how it is…

  9. My Amzn Review


    Enjoyed this product. Would purchase again if it were priced better.Also, the jar is plastic. Thought it was glass…would have been better if it were.

  10. Yashira Varela


    I bought this to try with my children. I will say I was skeptical but it really worked! The kids and I had so much fun trying different foods. The lemon was our favorite. I definitely recommend!!

  11. Jonathan Statt

    Helped me break-up with sugar and eat more fruits & veggies!

    I’ve been using this product for a little over a month now and love it. It does exactly what it says and makes bitter or sour taste sweet. I’ve let about 15 different friends and family try it and all were amazed at how it changed the flavor of traditionally sour or bitter food/drinks. I always suggest starting with a lemon to realize how the berry transforms sour to sweet. I’ve lost 12 pounds since incorporating green juice smoothies into my diet with the help of this berry. If I want my spinach smoothie to taste sweeter, I just add more lemon juice. I haven’t had any sugar, nor do I crave it with the help of this berry. For dessert, I’ll have a berry and then eat a grapefruit or a carton of raspberries. This is a little pricey, but now that I know this really helps me have a healthier diet, I buy in larger quantities so that it’s more cost effective.

  12. Amazon Customer


    I love the taste because it is cool, but it spilled along the way. I know this isn’t their fault but I feel like they should have a more sturdier container to prevent it from spilling during shipping. I requested for a refund already because I can’t eat it..

  13. Mishael


    I did not believe it till I tried it.. My daughter insisted we get it and I tried convincing her it was impossible that this tiny thing can change flavor as they say it can.. I was amazed! My lemon really did taste like lemonade!

  14. Wonder Again

    Gets Rid of Sweet Tooth

    It just takes one half berry to have 15 minutes of sweet pleasure. I love a tall glass of sweet lemonade. I never go to the dentist. I used to get cavities all the time before I read a lot of books on regenerating my teeth. No more painful teeth and no sugar is key. 

  15. Micah

    Veggies are not sour.

    Don’t listen to the people trying it with spinach and crap, the product literally says changes sour to sweet.Green veggies are alkaline based so your literally trying it on the exact opposite of what it’s meant for.

  16. Amazon Customer

    It really make sour things taste sweet!!!

    All I can say is wow.. I had my mother try this before telling her about the berries. I gave her two just to make sure it would work. While she was chewing I sliced an lemon and gave her a piece. She looked at me puzzled and I told her to eat it. She took one small nibble and her eyes lit up. I asked her how did it taste and she said sweet and took an even bigger bite. That was all she wrote….drop mic!!!

  17. BurpeesHateMe

    Special purchase

    After my bestie had her last radiation treatment, she req some berry after much research I found it. She said they workgreat! But she greedy sooooo

  18. Tamami Fitzgerald


    Fun and kids love it

  19. Mish

    Ledidi berry for the win!

    I was skeptical. I did not think these ledidi berries would work. However once I popped two halves of a Berry in my mouth and chewed it all around my mouth for 30 seconds. I drank a glass of apple cider vinegar mixed with water and it tasted sweet!!! I was flabbergasted. It felt like it was a miracle. I cannot stand the taste of apple cider vinegar but with the berry I can take it with ease now. I am so glad I found Nature’s wild berry. 


    Wait to eat other food after this.

    The best way to help you eat a grapefruit.

  21. Colette diegel

    Work great instead of artificial sweetner

    I love these, they make plain yogurt taste like cream! just one berry! I use them every day so I dont do artificial sweetners.

  22. Patrice

    It works!

    It works! I tried it with my 6 year old nephew and 14 year old niece – they don’t lie about food and how it taste! We were all impressed and amazed! I do think the product is pricey however. It does what it says it does.

  23. Angela T. Jones

    The wonder berry in a jar

    I love that it did exactly what it said it would do, grapefruit is great or eat, lemons no Frowning

  24. SamR.

    You have to try these LEDIDI BERRIES

    This is one of those “One of a kind” type of experiences. I tried my first berry with some lemons, limes, and strawberries. All were so so so sweet and delicious. I could eat 5,6,7 lemons in one sittings with these. If you are going on a sugar fast this is a great hack. Great for sugar free diets. I gave some to my boss who is on a keto diet (don’t recommend this diet). She loved them as well! 3 Stars because of the high price. It is a tropical plant but these should not be this pricey.

  25. ForestFox

    Neat but will affect people differently

    I’m a super taster. And a foodie. I tried this recommended by a friend. It does make sour taste sweet. My friend had different experience than me she also said bitter food tasted better too. For me, it made everything like lemons and lemonade taste sweet enough to eat which is very cool, but most of the time it tastes like artificial sweetener, I think it could help a lot of people though. I’m not a smoker and I have no allergies. Impressive but not life changing for me.

  26. Kitty

    fun to experiment with

    These are so crazy and fun! Chew up a half or whole berry, wait 40 seconds and everything tastes sweet. I tried lemons, limes, onions the list is endless. Lemons taste so good.I’ve also used this as a weightloss tool as I usually crave something sweet at the end of the night.

  27. Maggie

    These berries..

    Listen, you want a mind trip without doing drugs, this is the product for you. I had stress poops with my taste buds being so out of whack, but it was so mesmerizing. I was pleasantly surprised when I ate half a lemon on the toliet with how sweet it was. Bonus, it covered up the smell of my poop.

  28. Kyla

    they work

    these actually work. just something fun to try!

  29. Megan Becker

    Crazy but it works!

    Got these to try with my kiddos. They were nervous to try it, but once they saw me eating lemon slices they were excited to try it as well. It truly did make the tart lemon taste like a super sweet lemonade!

  30. C Morton

    Miracle Berry

    The berry works, it actually turns sour foods like lemons sweet.

  31. Casey

    Not what it was hyped up to be

    In my option this was a waste of my money. I thought it would come with food ideas to try with the berry’s but it didn’t. For the price I paid I thought it would be bigger or they would haver smaller containers to chose from but nope. And it really didn’t make anything sweeter it just kind of made me feel like I ate a spoon full of artificial sweetener. 

  32. Amazon Customer


    Easy to use and carry.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Sour to sweet. Chew for 30 and repeat!

    It works!!!

  34. Caylie Fuller


    Works really great for eliminating bitter tastes. I take half of a berry (1 dried piece) with my bitter, green juice everyday. I use a variety of greens and blend it with 1 whole lemon; The lemon is the activactor that will make it sweet. You can also use fruits like oranges or grapefruits.

  35. Jay


    My whole family had so much fun to try eating food after chewing the berries.

  36. Tiffany Rae

    Works Great But I Like the Tablets Better I Think

    I had first tried my son’s Miracle Berry tablets, but I ordered these because I figured they might be even better. They’re dehydrated so they start to dissolve into pulp quickly and easily, but it’s messier moving all around your mouth to coat your tongue (and it’s sticking in your teeth) whereas the tablet just dissolves smoothly into nothing and is easier to manipulate around your tongue.That said, these work very well, too! My favorites are using it with grapefruit, strawberries and pineapple. It makes tomatoes very ripe and robust tasting. Sour cream is tart but sweet and Greek yogurt is like pudding with this. I also like to put blueberry cream cheese on half a bagel and eat it – it’s like a cupcake.I wish we had long term data on using these to see if there are any drawbacks to using it daily for dessert purposes. It’d be nice to know it wasn’t going to alter my tastebuds in any way or make me less inclined to eat fruit without it. But it’s an amazing berry! Even lemons taste great

  37. HG

    They work!

    Saw these on Tik Tok and decided to buy the small jar- it is smaller than you can imagine but they do actually work. The taste is decent for the berries themselves but they actually make lemon lime and citrus taste sweet. Oranges taste like creamsicle.Didn’t have much to try since my package arrived way earlier than expected but I definitely recommend anyone try this for fun for the family or even to help you eat foods you don’t normally like such as certain fruits.

  38. Laura Triggs

    Don’t try this at home

    This is another as effective as placing 5 granules of sugar on your tongue. It works fir a second but is gone almost immediately. Even if you eat two whole berries.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Fun experience!

    The effect for me did NOT last more than just a few minutes, but the taste of lemons and pineapple in those few minutes was amazing!!!

  40. Kenzie H

    It definitely works, just follow the instructions!

    Worked for all 6 of us who tried it. Even the friend who barely tastes anything at all due to an issue with his sense of smell!We all ate half a berry as the directions said and then tried cranberry juice and lime juice concentrate! Both were sweet and not bitter or made us pucker. If anything it was almost too sweet, might half the dosage next time.It made a great dirty Santa gift and was a fun experiment!

  41. Maureen

    Pretty cool!

    Really works!! Ate a lemon and it tastes like lemonade! Doesn’t work so much on bitter things but it brings out the sweetness of everything. Bought a sour batch of berries? No worries! Pop in one of these and they all taste extra sweet and tasty

  42. Mark M.

    It works.

    They work, but are expensive. They make things taste sweet.

  43. Ringr


    Amazingly effective. Tried two lemons after eating the berries. Lemonade for sure. Ready to try more when I stick my lemons.

  44. Sharon Pattershall

    Life changing!!

    I bought this product as a way to make my eating habits healthier. I wanted to get the sugary satisfaction by eating fruits and vegetables. When I bought the product, it worked! I took 2 berries my first time and tried a slice of lime and lemon and it tasted like candy! I also added lime to fizzy water and it tasted like sprite! I would definitely recommend this product. It has helped change my eating habits, and it can help yours as well.Thank you Miracle Berry! 

  45. Stanislav

    Unbelievable berry

    It is real miracle berry 

  46. tyrell

    Bitter berry


  47. Thecla Mohansingh

    Nature’s Wild berry

    This product is excellent. It really works. It takes tart out of fruits and make them taste unbelievably delicious.

  48. Amazon Customer

    It works!

    I love this product and it does really work

  49. Robert Iniguez

    Definitely try it

    Love the product . All my friends and family love it. Not worth the price though. Will never buy it again. Bought 10 seeds online for $8.00. They came in the mail already soaked. Some sprouts. Will never buy this product again.Will be giving away my plants as cuttings to everyone I know. Would’ve continued purchasing if the product was $10 bucks. Would’ve bought well over $100 worth over time

  50. LSR


    Why didn’t I know about these before now? I tried them with lemon water and it tastes like a lemonade! I’m so amazed. The canister is super small. So I can only use sparingly but these are amazing.

  51. Lauren G.

    This works!!

    Okay so the first time i tried it, I didn’t think it worked for me that well…but I had a glass of Chardonnay last night that was a little bitter, so I decided to try them again this time with 2 halves of the berry and all I did was chew it up and swish it back and forth over my tongue for a few seconds (try to do it for 30 sec. before swallowing). & oh my gosh the difference was crazy!! It literally tasted like maple syrup! It was too sweet for me to handle!! Lol. So make sure you swish it across the top of your tongue before you judge it too quickly & try the half berry first! Haha

  52. Genesta Cheek

    Only Okay

    These did work, but not very much. The effects went away fairly quickly, but it was cool while it lasted. 

  53. kim


    Size is misleading for the price! Enjoyed this with my grapefruit.

  54. Taylar Marie

    Doesn’t work

    Doesnt work… ate 4 halves (2 berries) and didnt work at all… I’ve seen alot of good reviews but I guess my batch was defective? I don’t know..

  55. vivian ansah

    Price too high

    For drinking

  56. Janetta

    Nature’s “Miracle” Berry Indeed

    It does exactly what it says it does!!! Incredible!!!

  57. Tina Kornegay

    I ate my lemon like an Apple

    It was sealed tight I still have some left I can’t believe that it changes the taste buds on your tongue to sweet..Awesome 

  58. Jayla Ruderson

    You need this.

    Amazing, didn’t think they would work but I was able to eat lemons alone & it tasted just like lemonade.

  59. Ree Sing


    Very expensive but it has helped my tastebuds during chemo

  60. Princess Leia

    Good but didn’t change my taste

    Didn’t lobbed up to its expectations

  61. Shawn C.

    A novelty item that works way better then ever expected, try it out.

    The affect they have on your pallet is almost unreal. It will make anything that you eat or drink taste extremely sweet regardless of the original taste, rather it was bitter, sour, spicy, or just unsweet. Chew one of these up and in a few seconds anything will taste like you added sugar to an item that was already sweet.The actual fruit product that you have to consume first has been dehydrated so whatever thickness the raw fruit may have had has been reduced to that of a cheerio and doesn’t really have much flavor and can be hard to get down for some I’m sure but it’s also very small and you only need to consume half of one or possibly one full one and you’re good for like 35 minutes on anything you eat following.I guess you can call this a sweetener but it’s almost more of a novelty in the way it works. I mean it does work, it just is so weird to the pallet that it gives off that novelty vibe to me.It’s a little pricey for what you get which once again leads to my novelty product assumption. If it were something someone would use everyday for the purpose of a sweetener I think the cost would be a little to much to sell the product this way but as a novelty item, something you’d keep around for parties or to get an expression out of your friends faces that you could videotape and post on YouTube or Facebook, something you would only buy every couple months instead of something you’d use every day as mentioned above then the price is fine.Overall it’s a really unique item that I cannot believe I’ve walked around this earth now for 39 years and never heard of much less tried before. If you have never tried it before then I completely recommend that you buy this product and try it out and be amazed by the new introduction to your pallet.

  62. Boot Scoot ‘n‘ Boogie


    It works! Beer isn’t so vile and I can eat a lemon like a dang ol apple!The berry just tastes like a berry; no filmy feeling in your mouth.

  63. Trevor Williamson


    Fun for when friends are over! If you can sneak them the berry and then a lime it’s pretty funny!

  64. Rochelle Swope

    It works

    It works but not for that long it was fun to do with my kids they loved it

  65. Valarie

    It works! But not worth the money imo

    This stuff is WAY too expensive for how many they give you. Literally 2-3 HALVED berries. It works as intended, but the sweetness is “one flavor”, so even when I tried other things and it WAS sweet which was super cool, it did have it’s own “flavor” which I didn’t like too much. It was nice to experiment with but I wouldnt use this to diet, at this price lol

  66. Amazon Customer

    So helpful!

    A miracle!

  67. Ysnia Lewski


    It definitely helps make sour flavors sweet, but the sweet is too artificial for my husband and I… We had to wait for The flavor to wear off to resume eating our grapefruit. On a positive note, I can eat a whole lemon with the rind no problem. This helped me consume what would have been a very bitter smoothie this morning. Cheers to good health!

  68. leidy

    It works!

    This Betty will help meTo improve my way of eating. Love it!

  69. Diane Williams


    I really like the product but wish there was more.

  70. Robin

    It works.

    This really works. I saw this in a video by Tabitha Brown and was skeptical but I trusted her word. It truly works.

  71. annette martinez

    It works

    It works

  72. Alex K

    taste great

    Worth a try very tasty turns sweet into sour.

  73. Toni L.C.B.

    Yum and fun!

    These will be fun for parties if we are ever allowed to have them again!The trick is to let them dissolve in your mouth. Don’t chew.

  74. Charlotte Williams

    Amazing Berry makes everything sweeter!

    The miracle berry is fun to try by yourself or with family and friends. Make 🍋 lemons sweet and strawberries 🍓 sweeter!You have to try it to believe it…

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