The Medium Jar | 24 Grams / Approximately 160 Servings | 68 cents per serving ~ 15-20 mins | Best Way to ADD Veggies and CUT Sugar Daily

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We’re excited to bring you the first jar we designed to keep us mindful of eating healthier.

This is the product we wished was available when we started using the berries a few times a day.

If you want to make having more veggies and less sugar a daily habit, we made this for you.

It’s not intended to be what you reorder if you’re trying to save the most; that’s our large jar.

We have to admit, it also looks like a stocking stuffer. Again, that was accidental.

Each BPA-free jar contains 160 servings. Don’t forget to reseal, reuse and recycle šŸ™‚

People tell us they just need one serving but first timers may want to start with two!

Each serving gives you a flavor changing effect that lastsĀ for 15-20 minutes.

If you want it to last longer you can take two servingsĀ for 30-40 minutes!

These are average times so your results may vary depending on your sensitivity to taste