The Small Jar | 6.8 Grams / Approximately Approximately 45 – 53 Servings ~ 15-20 mins | Best Way to ADD Veggies and CUT Sugar Daily

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We’re excited to bring you the first jar we designed to keep us mindful of eating healthier.

This is the product we wished was available when we started using the berries at least once a day.

If you want to make having more veggies and less sugar a daily habit, we made this for you.

It’s not intended to be what you reorder if you use berries all day. You’ll save by buying a large jar.

We have to admit, it also looks like a stocking stuffer. Again, that was accidental.

Each jar contains sixty servings. Don’t forget to reseal, reuse and recycle 🙂

People tell us they just need one serving but first timers may want to start with two!

Each serving gives you a flavor changing effect that lasts for 15-20 minutes.

If you want it to last longer you can take two servings for 30-40 minute effect!

These are average times so your results may vary depending on your sensitivity to taste

16 reviews for The Small Jar | 6.8 Grams / Approximately Approximately 45 – 53 Servings ~ 15-20 mins | Best Way to ADD Veggies and CUT Sugar Daily

  1. SM (USA)

    Love these berries!!!

    I love this stuff. When I’m going to eat fruit it makes almost everything taste better. Average tasting watermelon tastes like honey, grapefruit is fabulous.It is pricey, but the bigger jar comes out cheaper per serving. I love it and will buy more.

  2. Keith Kroslow

    It really works!

    Awesome if you want to cut back on sugar, I take it right before I drink my lemon water (tastes just like lemonade) or right before I drink unsweetened iced teas.

  3. Seestedt

    You Have to Try This Amazing Flavor Changing Berry

    Changes vinegar to sweet. I chew one before I have my salad with oil and balsamic vinegar and it is the most delicious dressing of all time. Cider vinegar lemon drink in the am goes down without need for honey. I love to have flavor tripping parties with my friends. Eating lemon slices seems to be everyone’s favorite.

  4. Jennifer Ventre

    How the Berry Works

    Worked perfectly for what we needed it for. Was used for specialty cocktail at high level event.

  5. Lucky 111

    It didn’t work for me at all but I’m sure it works for others.

    This did not work at all for me. 😢

  6. Wambutu

    The best deal available

    I was using the pills but the unit price is $1.50 per pill. This tops out at thirty three cents per half berry. There are two downsides. One you need to spend a 100 bucks to get that unit price. Second each half berry only lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. But all in all a great deal. If I’m having a leisury dessert of apple sauce and pineapple I take two. It’s still way less than any other option. For those who use this as a sugar substitute and not an occasional treat, so far this is the best way to go.

  7. Tillinghast7

    Highly recommended

    Bizarre but very awesome. Brought them to a large thanksgiving dinner party and almost everybody tried them and were blown away.Things that worked: lemons***, limes***, strawberries***, raspberries, pineapple**, green apple, grapefruit**, kiwi***, And salt and vinegar chips.Also tried blackberries(I didn’t notice much of a difference, but I tried them towards the end of a session), cream cheese (made it taste cheesier I guess and it wasn’t very pleasant at the time, kinda eh), and 90% dark chocolate(tasted like dirt with a pleasantly creamy texture, would NOT recommend) Overall I cannot recommend these enough. It is a very fun and different experience. Must tries would be lemons, limes, strawberries, pineapple, and kiwi.

  8. Anna R.

    They work so well!

    I use this with EVERYTHING! I find that chewing it with my molars tends to work the best (also brushing my tongue with just a clean toothbrush beforehand)! I intended to use them to eat my grapefruit every and boy did it help.. but I love my red wine now! And omg lemon water is like lemonade without having to add sugar! No more sodassss! Im too excited to even write an organized review! Lol only con is the price 🙁 Other than that.. perfect.

  9. Seabrook Dreamin’

    Really works!

    This is a great way to make fruit really tasty and helps to skip dessert.

  10. C.M.

    Awesome product!

    Love this product!! It literally makes everything taste sweeter!! Great for when you have to eat things that are bitter or nasty tasting! Its a game changer! Very pricey, wish it would sell for less, but I use mine sparely to make it last. Not sure what the shelf life is but hope its a long time since they are freeze dried.

  11. Amazon Customer

    It works

    I really liked this! I had my kids try it with lemons, fruits and with green bitter smoothies which is the reason why I bought this. Oh my goodness, I should have recored their reactions😆 to funny. I don’t care for using it for green bitter smoothies. I added some lime juice to the smoothie and…🤢 it tasted sweet but my brain was confused. You do taste the greens after a few seconds😝. It works!😄

  12. G. C.

    Good for groups

    I brought this to work for an event where we did some flavor tripping. The people who tried this said that it worked. We handed out lemon slices. I was not brave enough to try it myself. The price is kind of high but you are getting a lot of berries. You only need 1/2 a berry to demonstrate the tongue tingling sensation that is possible with these fruits. For the number of berries you get, it is a good for large party purchase.

  13. Tina T

    Just as effective and convenient as the tablets

    This was my first time trying the whole berry since I usually order the tablets. I will be ordering them again. They’re about the size of a small pea and the jar is larger than I expected (not a bad thing, it was full-not excessive packaging). I transferred a smaller amount to a container for my purse and leave the jar at home tightly sealed in a dry environment. The berries are easy to chew, not unpleasant at all. Overall, a great product. Since someone always asks, my jar in 9/2018 has an expiration date of 1/21. These are a dried fruit; the jar only has one ingredient listed, no indication of preservatives added (other than the moisture absorbing packet).

  14. Marina Taylor


    All I can say is wow!! I tried the berry right away then drank ACV and lemon juice. It tasted like I added sugar to the mixture! My 15yo son agrees.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Worth it.

    This product works like actual magic. I felt like my taste buds went on a drug trip. The product seemed pricey at first but there are so many servings for such a high quality product that I’m so happy about it.

  16. Lora Noble

    I recommend this for cancer patients getting chemo

    I recommend this for cancer patients getting chemo. It would help make things taste better. Makes everything sweet especially tart foods.

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